Personal Vision Workbook

Personal Vision Workbook: Discovering God's Vision for Your Life, Pastor Jay L. PerryDiscover what God created you to be and do.

God has been leading your entire life, preparing you for your personal vision.

We’ve heard from several people who have discovered their calling:

  • One woman felt called to start working as a child legal advocate.
  • Another woman was able to come to grips with previous abuse and start helping others.
  • Several people changed ministry positions in their churches.
  • Others have decided to start new careers.
  • One family decided to set up a trust fund to enable future generations to get a Christian Education.
  • One man finally started a (long-encouraged) music ministry.

Go through this book in a church class, as part of a small group, in your daily devotionals, or over a weekend at an intensive retreat. Your life may never be the same!

Student Edition available for high school and college students.

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