Disdain for the Mundane?

“Living God’s vision may be the single-most important thing you can do. But sometimes you must clean the bathroom.”

Does God’s vision for your life include only exciting, glamorous fun and adventure?  Highly doubtful.

In fact, God’s vision for your life is likely to include its share of boring, mundane, difficult, worrisome, and exhausting tasks.  Each of these tasks hones your skill-set, develops your character, makes you trust more in the Almighty God.

Some of us thought our life’s calling would just fall into our laps one day without our having to watch, listen, pray, search, read, and reflect.  But then we realized it only happens that way to some people.  And it happens less and less frequently now because of life’s noise and distractions – TV, radio, internet (my beloved twitter feed), junk mail, work, and worry.

So we had to be intentional about discovering the vision.  That’s why we bought and went through the Personal Vision Workbook.  Or took a seminar.

And now that we’ve received the calling, we are tempted to think it will just manifest itself in our lives without our involvement.  “Thank you God for showing me the vision!  Now… when does it happen to me?”

The truth is, God’s vision isn’t something that happens to you.  It’s something you live every day.  Something you work at.  Something you hone through practice and repetition.  Something you must obey.

Even when it is difficult, exhausting, boring, mundane.

That’s why it’s important to have an accountability partner or coach.

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