Getting to Know Jesus

gkj_coverThe NEW Getting to Know Jesus Devotional Journal is now available here and through

This is a rare devotional journal in that it does not focus on Jesus’ teachings, but rather on his actions and interactions with others. The stories aren’t very long, but they can be powerful when we pay attention to them and use them as the basis of our prayer and devotional time. As you encounter the same story in a different time or context, you’ll notice new details that will communicate Jesus to you in a new way.

There are over 50 stories, covering Jesus’ life from boyhood to resurrection and beyond.  This journal provides space for your devotional thoughts and a process for getting to know Jesus through a combination of reflection and prayer. Space is also provided for you to keep track of prayer requests and answers.

This devotional process easily contracts or expands to fit the amount of time you have available.

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